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For centuries Lenders have had ALL the power in the Lender/Borrower relationship.

But all of that has changed!

Lenders have changed how they approve you. They’ve moved from using manual underwriting

systems to automatic underwriting systems.

And that is great news for you!

You see…

By switching to automatic underwriting systems, Lenders shifted from requiring documented

“proof” to measuring borrower “behavior.”

So now the “approval” power shifted as well.

To YOU…the Borrower.

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Merrill Chandler

Over the past 25 years, Merrill has been a pioneer in Fundability Optimization™. He is the founder of The Fundability Movement and has leveraged his extensive knowledge of borrower behavior profiles, FICO® scoring metrics, and lender underwriting requirements, to create a system for helping real estate investors and entrepreneurs become more fundable. To date Merrill and his team have helped their clients with over $200,000,000 in fundings!

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